The page below is an index of videos about the recent events in Brazil – protests, police brutality, forced evictions, political manoeuvres, clashes, riots, etc:

It is a work in progress (of course!).
For those who may be interested in the technical side:

1) I’m distributing the full thing – the index in HTML plus all videos in MP4 format – in pen drives, to let people browse all that stuff “locally”, with just a web browser, quickly and without the need to be online;

2) The index is trivial to change (take a look at the source code of the HTML),

3) A torrent for the archive can be found here and here (TPB),

4) Once you’ve got the archive it is easy to add more videos to your version of it (hint: “youtube-dl -t -f 18 –restrict-filenames URL”),

5) I have a set of scripts that automate downloading any missing videos, producing pen drive archives, torrents, etc – but they are quite ugly right now. If anyone is interested, please get in touch… I can clean them up and pack them properly, but I need encouragement.


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